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Prepend your commit with JIRA ticket number


Tired putting your ticket number on your commit? Use this git hook to automatically prepend your commit with a Jira ticket based on your branch name

we will use git hooks to achieve this, using the prepare-commit-msg hook, this will read your branch name, scan if there is a jira ticket pattern, and prepend your commit message with it

Step 1

Create a new prepare-commit-msg file or rename prepare-commit-msg.sample on folder <your-repo>/.git/hooks/

Step 2

Use your favorite text editor, open file prepare-commit-msh and write the following code


TICKET=[$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD | grep -Eo '^(\w+/)?(\w+[-_])?[0-9]+' | grep -Eo '(\w+[-])?[0-9]+' | tr "[:lower:]" "[:upper:]")]

if [[$TICKET == "[]" || "$MESSAGE" == "$TICKET"*]];then
exit 0;

Step 3

Open your terminal and type the following command

chmod +x <yourrepo>/.git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg

Step 4

Test using git commit